NBA Western Conference is one of the biggest event games every season of the National Basketball Association. As a matter of fact, I am an avid fan of this game, a basketball. NBA Western Conference is a division in which every part of the western conference team is able to fight other basketball teams to be the NBA Western Conference champion of the season. Some of teams including in NBA Western Conference division are San Antonio Spurs, Portland, Oklahoma, L.A Clippers, Houston, Dallas, Golden State, Denver, Memphis, Minnesota, Phoenix, New Orleans, Sacramento, Utah, and the best for me and my favourite team in the division is the L.A Lakers. haha.
Lakers, in many people's eyes are team living in the past as their supporters dreamt of regaining for the next championship title of the season. Oh well, that's my team! Because they had Gasol and also Kobe Bryant which named as the "black mamba" and considered as the greatest players of all time.  Well, in my own, these coming Western Conference game will surely win the Lakers because of the team up of these two players of L.A Lakers. I am too excited for the upcoming season. How well played Kobe Bryant carried his team for much of the season before suffering a season end injury which caused him to not to play for the next season game. How well Bryant returns in a few weeks' time having a massive impact on the Lakers season? Both fans of Lakers and Kobe Bryant are disappointed on what happened to Kobe Bryant but they, I mean, we understand about Kobe's situation even though the team of Lakers are not complete because of that.
If you don't know, Lakers won the most conference titles with 31, which consist of 30 Western Conference titles. That was my team! Yay! I am so proud of my beloved idolized team.  The NBA Western Conference game is a must watch game for the next season. The Lakers won't win championship without the whole effort of team. As I remember, they all said that they need to win and sacrifice to achieve their common goal, TO WIN! I believe in Kobe's strategy and they need not to depend only to Kobe if they want to get the title again for the next season, in my own opinion only.
NBA game season is a global market product. I can't wait for the next season of NBA Western Conference and wait who will be the next champion for the season. I am supporting my team Lakers for that goal to win for the title for the next season.